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Our Story

Our bike shop first opened its doors in 1993; in those days it was called ‘Bike Works’ and was
managed by Fred Hewett. The next few years saw tremendous growth in the community and our
shop. One benefit for Fred was meeting his future wife, Karyn, who happened to work at the Hair
Salon in the same shopping center.

Fred then had the opportunity of joining ‘Specialized’ bikes and spent the next 15 years as the company rep covering North Florida. It was 2014 when the owners decided to retire & sell ‘Bike Works ’that Fred saw a unique opportunity to return to his second love & bought the store. Coming full circle back to his original shop, there was only one name for his new venture and ‘Full Circle Cycle’ was born, with a lifetime in the industry & bike knowledge second to none Fred has owned & operated the store for the last 7 years. During that time Fred has seen many changes within the industry, with technology playing a bigger part in today’s bikes, but his focus on customer service has never wavered & the old fashioned values are very evident in all our staff today.

Looking Forward

Now in 2021 & having survived a difficult period through the Covid-19 pandemic, Fred has decided to do more cycling himself & with a heavy heart recently sold the store to partners Len & Mary. Both originally from Belfast in the north of Ireland, & living locally in Osceola county, they hope to take the store onto the next phase later this year with the intentions of opening up other bike franchises in the greater Orlando area. For now, the store is being managed by Cooper Csillan, who under Fred’s guidance has developed into a very capable operator with a big focus on customer service and is looking forward to running the business for another 3 decades. If you’re passing, please pop in & say hello, Cooper is always here with a big smile & a great welcome.