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International Visitors Information

Some important information that you need to know about how to request a bicycle from our site:

• To obtain the best availability, we recommend ordering on our site before arriving in Orlando.
• Typical pickup at the store is 7-10 days after you have placed your order; please allow for an additional 3 days if you require delivery. Expedited shipping is available, but it is very expensive. Please plan ahead.
• We recommend Paypal for payment, although we accept the main credit cards with the appropriate address.
• Please show the identification when you pick up your order
• We offer free boxing of your new bicycle for airline transport.
• Bicycles are packaged to travel in accordance with industry standards; This includes the use of bicycle box and packaging materials to ensure that your new bicycle arrives safely home
• Most bicycle boxes are 140 cm L x 76 cm H x 20 cm W

We do not ship bicycles, but we offer delivery to local hotels for a fee of $ 50
• Check with your airline to make sure they accept boxes of that size
• We recommend insurance for your package; We are not responsible for damages that occur after the bicycle leaves the store

We are anxious to meet you! We are happy to answer any questions you may have; You can contact us by email: or by phone: (407) 297-1550

Travel safely and we hope to see you soon!


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