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Save more with our Service Packages!

The Super-Service


Have a few miles on your ride? Ready for your yearly maintenance? Our Super Service Package includes:

•Frame, fork, cables, and components inspected for cracks and wear

•All bolts and fasteners adjusted to proper torque

•Handlebars and seat aligned

•Headset, bottom bracket, and wheel hub bearings inspected and adjusted

•Perfect Braking Service

•Perfect Shifting Service

•Wheel inspection and adjustment

•Tires inspected for wear and inflated to proper pressure

•Frame wiped down

* Parts not included - Additional charge for any needed parts

The Super-Duper Service


Is your bike a filthy mess? Show your bike a little love with our Super-Duper Service Package?


•Everything in the Super Service

•Complete Drivetrain clean and lubrication

•Bike Lust- polish to an incredible shine

* Parts not included - Additional charge for any needed parts

The Get'r Rolling Again


Has your bike been sitting for a while? Tires flat, chain rusted, shifters not working? Inject new life into your old ride with our Get'r Rolling Service Package!


•Everything in the Super Service

•Shifters cleaned and lubricated

•Replace standard tires and tubes

* Upgraded tires available

* Parts not included - Additional charge for any needed parts

Perfect Wheel Service


Keep your wheels running straight with our Perfect Wheel Service which includes:

•Inspect and adjust wheel hub bearings to correct tolerance

•Inspect Rim, spokes, and spoke nipples for damage and wear

•Lubricate spoke nipples

•Adjust wheel tension

•Align wheel to factory specifications

* Parts not included - Additional charge for any needed parts

The Ultimate Service


Do you consider your bike as one of your children? Then you need this service! We'll take great care and caress of your ride insuring that your beloved is performing at its best. This service includes The Super Service, plus:

•Complete cleaning of crankset, derailleurs, chain, and cassette

•Bike Lust Detail and polish to bring out the real beauty of your bike

•Replace standard brake pads

•Replace standard cables

•Replace standard bar tape or grips

•Replace standard tires, tubes, and rim strips

•Overhaul/ Replace all standard bearings in wheel hubs, headset, and bottom bracket

The Ultimate Off-Road Service


Everything in the Ultimate Road Service plus:

•Replace standard bearings in full-suspension swingarm

•Overhaul shocks and adjust to preference front and rear

* Upgraded parts may be available for an additional charge